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Day 149, Jimmie Davis State Park, Chatham, LA, Day 2

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Tuesday, March 17, 2020 - Jimmie Davis State Park, Chatham, LA, Day 2, 0 miles, 5,942.1 Miles for the Trip

One big difference between the desert & here in Louisiana is pollen. For most of my life I had no allergies, but when I hit my 60's, Spring became a difficult time with itchy eyes, etc. There is enough pollen (probably pine) here that any flat surface is covered with a dusting in minutes.

I took a short walk around the campground - my Plantier Facisias, which developed in the summer last year went away with ice packs & exercises, stayed away all winter, but has returned on the trip home. Mornings are the most painful, so I have moved my walks to late in the day.

I finished the Dean Koontz "Nameless" series - found a 6th after finishing #5, which I thought was the last. Glad for the 6th since it tied the series together. I'm not sure why he didn't release it as a full length novel, although it would have been a long one. In any case, I enjoyed it. Currently reading a library book on the Kindle - The Sundown Motel by Simone St. James.

I spent much of the day sitting outside even with the pollen, slapping sneaky tiny mosquitoes. They are small enough that you don't feel or hear them until they are half full. Messy!

Dinner was the other half of a short rack of baby back ribs & left over Kraft Mac & Cheese.

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