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Day 150, George P. Cossar State Park, MS

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Wednesday, March 18, 2020 - George P. Cossar State Park, MS, 287 miles, 6,229.1 Miles for the Trip

A little bit of rain overnight, but not enough to wash the pollen off the truck or trailer. It was enough that a small waterfall came off the front of the roof when I lowered the tongue jack onto the truck.

Almost all of today's drive was on interstates - I 20 & I 55. A bit longer drive than usual, but I wanted to hit parks where I don't always stop, and George P. Cossar is a new one for me. I'm in a full hook up site (# 35) for a posted price of #16.00 per night, but with fees & taxes, it works out to $17.12 per night. I do hate to make on line reservations when I have no idea what the site actually looks like. Reserve America often includes a photo of the site in the reservation form, and there are websites such as Campsite Photos that show images of most of the sites in many campgrounds, but you are still often surprised with access, slopes, etc. Site 35 required about 1/2" of side to side leveling, and none front to back. I leveled anyway since I'm here for 4 nights and might need to make a run to a store. There is a Krogers about 20 minutes away. Of course who knows if they will have anything on the shelves.

It is good that it is full hookup - with the Covid 19 problem, Mississippi's solution is to padlock the bathrooms until the end of the month. For some reason, they left the laundry open. The park is less than half filled, compared to a full house at Jimmie Davis in Louisiana.

Site 35

After setting up I took a short walk around the campground. There is a lake that some sites sit on the edge. I'm about 100' from it.

I did a quick check of internet speeds - AT&T shows 8.9MB down & 10.5MB up, while Verizon, even with an amplifier is only showing 2.3MB down, but 18.1MB up. No campground WiFi. There was a strong WiFi service at Jimmie Dean, but very slow internet.

Dinner was a microwaved P.F. Chang's Sichuan style Orange Chicken. A bit different from any orange chicken I've had before, and a bit too spicy for me, but editable.

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