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Day 153, George P. Cossar State Park, MS, Day 4

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Saturday, March 21, 2020 - George P. Cossar State Park, MS, Day 4, 0 miles, 6,229.1 Miles for the Trip

While I haven't seen anything restricting driving through NY, the state is described as "locked down". I still have over a month until I have to be back, and that is for a dental checkup which might not be happening. My biggest concern is that I'll get chased out of where ever I am & find no where to go.

The plan, as much as planning is possible is to stay in the Tennessee parks I've already reserved, see what the conditions are at the end of the three weeks, then decide if the rally at the KOA is viable. I would rather stay here in the south as long as possible - it is in the 20's at home. The good thing is my at home county as of today has no one with Covid 19, at least on the state wide county check list.

My son, a janitor at the SUNY college is now on temporary duty, ie called in when needed. A tough job for someone wanting to avoid the virus. In campgrounds it is fairly easy to maintain "social distance". I haven't been within 20' of anyone for the last 4 days. I even did a load of laundry since this campground is about as uncrowded as you can get. I will have to do some shopping within the next week or so - should be interesting.

So, other than doing laundry, I spent the day reading. I did walk around two loops of the campground just to get out of the trailer. It is too cool to comfortably sit outside at 55°F, although temperature is relative. During the middle of December, I probably would have been outside sitting in a chair in a "T" shirt. I'm running the electric heater in the trailer keeping it at around 65°F, although I cranked it up to 70°F for a shower this afternoon. It will probably run on low overnight - predicted temperature for the park is 47°F.

Dinner was the last of the frozen chicken thighs from the Coyote Market in Quartzsite. A real butcher makes a big difference in taste. I've had the best NY Strip Steaks & Chicken from them, at least compared to the big chain grocery stores. Sorry to polish off the last one. Along with the chicken thigh I had some grilled new potatoes & beets.

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