Our 2001 RV Rental & Trip to Pennsylvania
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This is another one of our trips for which we didn't keep a daily web page based journal. I am building the following pages from our notes & photographs.

July 29, 2001 - Introduction

We have made a number of trips around & across the country in anything from a 1969 Camero SS convertible (just loved that car!) to our more recent travels in various Chrysler minivans, but since we have always wondered what it would be like to travel a bit more self-contained. We usually mix tent camping with motels, but an RV sounds like a great way to go. So, it was off to find a rental. We looked at a bunch of different places, but ended up with a local business - The Great Outdoors. We knew we wanted a Class A because we wanted a full size rear bed & no front overhang to spoil the view, and needed space for another couple that would be traveling with us.

We also knew that an RV rental for 2 weeks would not be inexpensive, but since this was not going to be a cross country trip and a rental is probably a better way to decide whether or not an RV is the way to go, we stopped in to talk with Ray Finney, the rental manager at The Great Outdoors. Well, we were right about one thing - rentals are not cheap! The estimate for a 2 week rental of a 2001, 31' Fleetwood Fiesta was $2593.54 including tax (about 4% of the MSRP of the Fiesta). They included 1400 free miles which is pretty close to our estimate for the trip.

The plan is to visit a number of Pennsylvania stops including Gettysburg, Falling Waters, Ricketts Glen State Park, and a bunch of factory tours. Like most of our trips, we have a couple of places we want to see, but our plans are loose - we always find stops more interesting than the ones we planned. We will be traveling with our usual summer travel companions, Don & Anne Guido.


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