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Tuesday, February 20, 2018 - Lost Dutchman State Park, Apache Junction, AZ, 168 Miles,4,425.3 Towing Miles For the Trip

I got a early (for me) start & left Quartzsite around 9:00. The original plan was to head for Picacho Peak State Park, but along the way I changed my mind and headed for Apache Junction & the Lost Dutchman State Park. I thought both parks would have plenty of open sites since it is the middle of the week, but I'm in a emergency fill site (#91) which I will have to leave tomorrow if anything goes wrong with any of the other electric sites or reservations if the problem happens before 1:00. If I get thrown out, I'll head to Picacho Peak, even though there are only 3 sites left there. There is a commercial park near by that I can try if the state park is full.

My site here (again, #91) is right under the Superstition Mountains, with a great view out the kitchen & dining area windows. $30.00 per night for water & electric, something I haven't had since Agua Caliente on February 1st. Since it is getting cold (34°F last night at Quartzsite), it will be nice to have the electric heater.

I walked around the campground, found the showers (a long walk away from the site), checked out the coyote sundial (it was off by about an hour) and did some reading, recharging of batteries & other electronics, and relaxed. I'm hoping for a clear evening to do a star circle around the mountains that I'll add later or tomorrow morning.

Site 91 The Coyote Sun Dial The Superstitions Towards Sunset
Just Before Sunset One Hour @ 8:00 20 Seconds  

This wouldn't fit in the table above, so it got one of its own:

Three Frame Panorama (Large 2.5MB Version)

Well, I did one, and started another at 9:00. The moon provided the light on the mountain, but it isn't a circular star circle (only streaks) because the mountains are not to the North. It is already down to 45°F, so the camera battery doesn't last all that well on long exposures.

Since I had a large turkey sandwich for lunch, dinner was just a salad.

Until tomorrow -


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