Trip To Algonac State Park & Niagara Falls, Ontario, Day 4

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September 9, 2021, Algonac State Park, Algonac, MI, Day 2 - 0 Miles, 606.6 Miles For the Trip

Happy Birthday to me - 77 today. Only one card (since I'm on a trip) from the Guido's. They got even with me & gave me a musical card. I've been in the habit of choosing musical cards for everyone's birthday so now I got one.

I went for a walk around the campground this morning - didn't do my usual 2 miles, but only .8 walking up & down all the rows. After that it was breakfast & coffee, reading web pages and forums. We eventually got our acts together and headed to the Algonac Krogers for supplies. Somehow we filled a cart, but everything fit in the refrigerators & shelves.

After that it was sitting in the Clam. It was a bit windy, so I decided it was a good excuse to try my side panels. I've had them for almost as long as the Clam, but never took them out of the packing bag. I got one added to the windy side and it started to rain. I added the other two panels during a break in the rain. I also ordered another set they come in sets of 3 which doesn't make much sense for a 6 sided structure that has a door that can't be covered, but since the 3 worked so well, the second set will be useful. I also learned that it is a bad idea to set up a Clam with the door pointing west. There is no shade for the evening sun.

Anyway, we sat in the Clam out of the rain for the afternoon eating cheese & crackers, chips & dip. The sun came out around dinner time, which was spaghetti & meatballs, and a salad.

Until Tomorrow -

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