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Well, I have decided it is time to put together my notes, photographs, calendar scribbles, etc from some of our previous trips so we have a record of them to share with those interested. It is going to take some time, so please be patient. I'll link to those already done, and add links as I start on the new ones. If interested, stop back often to see what's new.

1950 Trip Across the USA

1969 Photos from Viet Nam

1972 Trip to Leadville, Colorado

1996 Trip across the USA

1998 Trip to Missoula & Glacier National Park

2000 Trip to Missoula, Glacier National Park & Karin & Brian's Wedding

2001 Trip to Pennsylvania in Rented 31' Fiesta Class A RV

2004 Trip Across the USA #2

2004 Fall Colors in the Adirondacks, October 2004

2005 Red Cross Trip to Alexandria, LA, September/October, 2005

2005 Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington DC April 2005

2005 Nantucket

Salmon River Falls, October 2006

2007 Nantucket

Fall Colors in the Adirondacks, October 2007

2008 Nantucket

Salmon River Falls, October 2008

Washington, DC, Spring 2009

Oceanside, Washington Babcock & Ricketts Glen State Parks, Spring 2010

2010 Nantucket

2010 Trip to the Adirondacks

2010 Fall trip to Ricketts Glen, Babcock State Park, Mabry Grist Mill, Skyline Drive & Washington, DC

2011 To Pick up My Escape 17B Trailer & Visit the Southwest

2011 Nantucket

2011 Fall Trip to Ricketts Glen, Babcock SP & Luray Caverns

2012 Cross Country Trip

2013 Trip to Nova Scotia

Nantucket, 2013

2014 Trip Across the US & Canada

2015 Trip to Townsend, TN & the 8th Annual Eggscursion Rally

2015 Trip to Alaska & More

2015-16 Southwest Trip

2016 New England Trip

Nantucket 2016

2016 - 2017 trip to the Southwest for the winter

2017 - 2018 Trip to Pick up an Escape 21 & More

2018 - 19 Trip to Winnipeg, Albuquerque, and More

2019 New Hampshire Trip & The 3rd Annual Spring Fling

2019 Trip to tjhe Catskills

2019 - 20 Trip to the Southwest

2021 - 2022 Trip to the Southwest

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