2021 - 2022 Trip To The Southwest

Day 27, Rio Grande Village Campground, Big Bend National Park, Big Bend, TX, Day 3

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Tuesday, November 16, 2021 - Rio Grande Village Campground, Big Bend National Park, Big Bend, TX, Day 3 - 0 Miles, 2,641.3 Miles for the Trip

While there are still many empty sites in the campground, two of the ones across from me did fill last night. I took a photo of the taped together switch, and the moon rising over the ridge next to the campground.

Thew "Fixed" Switch Empty Campsites Moon Over the Ridge

I walked around the campground, then had breakfast. A cool morning at 44°F, but it is still warm in the sun and the overall temperature climbs fast. By 10:00 it was time to go back to shorts, at least outside the trailer.

A little after 10:00 I went for a hike on one of the easiest & shortest trails in the park - the Rio Grande Village Nature Trail. It starts from the campground at site 18, has a side trail that runs down to the river, then circles around a small rise with a view of both the campground and Boquillas, Mexico. As usual, there are a number of collections of wire & bead artwork along with other items for sale. It is against park rules to purchase them here on the US side of the border, but if you cross the border to Boquillas, the same items are for sale legally. Some photos:

Trailhead The Pond The Wildlife For Sale (Illegally)
Along the Trail Along the Trail It Feels This Hot! Cactus
Cactus Not So Mighty Rio Grande Cactus Pot Holes
Boquillas, Mexico The Campground & River The Campground (& My Trailer)  

I checked the propane tanks & one was empty. Took it to the store - they fill by the bottle, not gallon - $21.50 per tank. Not the least expensive I've purchased, but also not the most.

I finished Harlan Coben's Win and started The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu. Very hot today; 92°F at 3:30. Even now at 4:00 is is still 90°F both inside & outside the trailer. I decided it would be a good time for the campground showers. Although the park email confirmation of my reservation stated they were closed due to Covid, they are open. $2.00 for 5 minutes. I used my electric beard shaver before heading out. I try to keep it under 1/4" and it was getting a bit long.

As to the showers - although $2.00 for 5 minutes is a bit steep, ignoring that there is plenty of hot water, although a low mounted fine spray unadjustable shower head, shower aims at the drying ares but there is a shower curtain. but water gets under it so the drying area has a wet floor. A bench & three hooks. Overall, a B-.

Since I was heading to the campground office for the showers, I dragged the computer along so I could post today's journal.

Until The Next Internet Connection -


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