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Day 38, Pancho Villa State Park, Columbus, NM, Day 7

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Saturday, November 27, 2021 - Pancho Villa State Park, Columbus, NM, Day 7 - 0 Miles, 3,128.3 Miles for the Trip

When I fired up the coffee maker this morning, it didn't. Checked the outlet under the front of the sink (where the coffee maker plugs in) using the coffee bean grinder and it didn't work either. Escape, in their wisdom changed between my 2011 17 and my 2017 21 to daisy chaining the sink receptacles from the outside receptacle, which is a GFCI type, rather than the other way around. Going outside in the rain is not my idea of a good plan - I'd wire it the other way. The problem is the space between the sink tabletop & the cabinet framing is too narrow for a standard box & receptacle, so they use a "self Contained" receptacle, one that does not require a box. If someone makes a self contained GFCI receptacle I haven't seen it.

We had light but steady rain overnight, so I went outside & attempted to reset the GFCI. No luck - it wouldn't reset. I shut off the circuit & pulled the receptacle - an ounce or two of water ran out as I broke the seal between the cover & the box. No idea how it got in, but I dried the receptacle & box, tested the GFCI & it worked, then proceeded to reinstall & reseal it. Hope I fixed the leak. My guess, since the seal on the receptacle & box was in good condition, is that wind blown rain ran in through the outside access door to the passenger side under dinette seat. I had only latched one side of the door, and it might have let water in, which ran down the wire leading to the receptacle next to the door. Water is sneaky!

Not much else going on. I finished my survey of the sites for my campground sites list, and added a photo of the campground map. Much warmer than yesterday - sunshine & already 65°F at 11:30AM. Light wind. I got to try my new bag chair. My favorite bit the dust two days ago. I've had it since a 1996 trip across the country, so I guess I got my money's worth. The problem with most of the new bag chairs are they are either made for kids or 300 pound adults. This one is great. An Ozark Trails brand made for Walmart. Surprised it isn't huge, but it is normal sized. Two drink holders, both deep enough that a bottle doesn't fall out, straps that keep the back of the canvas arms from sliding down the frame, and the front frame bars are low enough that they don't hit your legs. Padded seat. So far, nothing I can complain about.

Since I'm heading for 3 days of dry camping, I decided to hit the shower again. This time I used the smaller stall. Not as nice - too much water got under the shower curtain & wet at least 2/3rds of the drying floor. The hot water was interesting. Same building as last time with showers next to each other. This time just as I was thoroughly soaped, the water turned cold. It stayed cold for a minute or two, then slowly warmed up again. By the time I was rinsed, it started to cool off again. I'm not sure why it happened this time but the last time it never cooled off.

I hooked up the trailer and, as expected, can only open the tailgate enough to reach the latches for the tonneau cover. At least the tailgate doesn't hit the switches on the new tongue jack - they are on top.

If I decide to stop at Sunny Flats, you won't hear from me tomorrow - no cell coverage. While I didn't take notes on the cell coverage at Whitewater Draw, I posted a bunch of photos back in 2020, so there should be a connection.

Dinner was a turkey sandwich. Good or bad, I feel like I need to use it up...

Until Tomorrow -


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