2021 - 2022 Trip To The Southwest 

Day 146, Lake Murray State Park, Ardmore, OK

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Tuesday, March 15, Lake Murray State Park, Buzzards Roost Campground, Ardmore, OK - 200 Miles, 5829.6 Miles for the Trip

A relaxing drive on Texas state & farm roads, with one mile on I35. I heard on NPR this morning that Oklahoma had the cheapest gas in the country, so I drove past a Texas station selling it for $3.89. I hit OK & it was back up to $4.00. Luckily, a bit further down the road I found it for $3.79 & filled the tank. Of course, I managed to pull a Guido, and drove by a station at the entrance to the state park that was selling it for $3.69. I shouldn't whine - it is $4.55 at home in upstate NY.

I'm in Buzzards Roost Campground, site 16 (there are 8 campgrounds in the park), a back in concrete slab that has a steep entryway, but close to level once you get in. I needed 1/2" on one side & about the same on the tongue. Full hookup site for $41.33 per night - OK isn't cheap, and the price has gone up since my last visit in 2019 - the site next door was $28.00 per night! I'm here for 3 nights.

I did a quick check of internet speeds - AT&T is 38.9Mbps down & 4.3Mbps up, Verizon is 2.2Mbps down & 9.4Mbps up.

Buzzards Roost Site 16

After setting up I went for a walk around the loop. The bathrooms are on the road above the one I'm on. A long walk unless you cut through the tenting area. Individual rooms for showers & toilets.

They have a restaurant at the lodge. It is normally closed Sunday through Tuesday, but since we are currently experiencing Spring Break, they have opened it on Tuesdays.

I spent the rest of the afternoon sitting outside. A bunch of neat looking trees behind my site.

A Neat Tree

While I was sitting outside a Downey woodpecker (according to Photo Sleuth, although it was larger than the ones at home in Oswego - it was the size of one of our Hairy woodpeckers) banged away at a nearby tree. I took a couple of photos, as well as one of a couple of crows.

Not Quite A Murder of Crows A Downy Woodpecker

So, I decided to head to the restaurant for dinner. I ordered one of my usuals - Chicken Fried Steak. Huge piece of steak, a bit salty for my taste, but a great meal. When the waitress brought the check it had the wrong ticket to sign - it was a different order & $10.00 less than my dinner. I pointed it out & my waitress & someone else banged away at the check out terminal for 5 minutes before she came back and asked me to sign the cheaper ticket. I guess they couldn't find a way to cancel the first charge slip. In any case, my $22.00 dinner was only $13.44. I did leave a big tip!

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