2021 - 2022 Trip To The Southwest 

Day 170, Pin Oaks Campground, Natchez Trace State Park, TN, Day 5

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Friday, April 8, Pin Oaks Campground, Natchez Trace State Park, TN, Day 5 - 0 Miles, 6,530.5 Miles for the Trip

Definitely cooling down. 42°F during my morning walk, and a bit windy as well. Almost lost my hat. Not much warming during the day - it is only 44°F at 2:00. I spent most of the day reading in the trailer. Current book was the late Donald E. Westlake's The Hot Rock, the first of his books in the Dortmunder series. After finishing it I started book #2, Bank Shot. Thirteen to go in the series. I've read many of Westlake's books, but none of this series.

Around 2:30 I walked over to the bathrooms & turned on the heater for the showers. There is a 30 minute timer for a gas fired strip heater aimed at the drying area & showers. At 3:00 I headed back for a shower. About typical for Tennessee State Park showers - at best, a C+. A small shower & drying area. High pressure, normal volume showerhead mounted high on the wall aimed away from the entrance & plenty of hot water. Three hooks in the drying area & a shelf - no shelf in the shower. The water runs out of the shower into the drying room floor soaking most of it. No bench in the drying area, although there is one outside in the hallway for the 4 shower stalls. Even with the 1/2 hour preheating, both the shower and drying room were cool, although the hallway with the bench where the heater was located was warm.

Dinner was a trip to the Natchez Trace Lodge. They had a seafood buffet, most of which was very good. I even had frog legs for the first time in years. I have to admit I don't make out as well as when I was younger at buffets; I used to go through the line a number of times, sampling everything. Now I'm lucky if I can do more than one plateful. A bit expensive at 18.96 with a sweet tea compared to my Quartzsite restaurants unless you eat more than I do!

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