2022 - 2023 Trip To The Southwest

Day 1, The Guidos

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October 23, 2022, Binghamton, NY - 132.9 Miles, 132.9 Miles for the trip

Another beautiful day; it hit 72°F on the way to Binghamton, although it is now (at 5:00) in the 60's.


After parking the trailer (and taking out the rock that Guido uses to protect his lawn) we headed out to do a bit of shopping. I didn't buy much - my trailer is full. As I usually do before each trip I stopped at the Parish Truck Stop to do a CAT scale weighing - Gross weight of the truck & trailer - 11,000 pounds with 4420 pounds on the trailer axles. Truck alone 6080 pounds. Calculated weights - Trailer 4920 pounds (leaving me 80 before I hit the trailer maximum) and 500 pounds of tongue weight. I guess I better not buy any "T" shirts until I get rid of some food. I did start with more stuff in the freezer than usual - there isn't any space left. I checked with past CAT weighings, and I'm within 20 pounds on the trailer & 80 pounds on the truck, so I'm not all that much over packed.

Dinner will be a trip to the China Buffet.


Until Tomorrow -

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