2022 - 2023 Trip To The Southwest

Day 4 - Burson Campground, Hungry Mother State Park, Marion, VA

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October 26, 2022, Burson Campground, Hungry Mother State Park, Marion, VA - 240.9 Miles, 716.4 Miles for the Trip

Well, an interesting day. First off we set up in light rain, but it cleared along the way. Some stop & go traffic but overall not a bad drive. We arrived around 3:00.

Now the interesting part - I usually wait until I hit Arizona for a trip to the emergency room, but not this trip. I woke up with rapid heartbeat, and the last time it happened (3 years ago) it went away in a couple of hours. This time it stayed with me all day. I did a rough setup of the trailer & headed to the Smyth County Community Hospital here in Marion. Very efficient, very fast getting to see a doctor, and very pleasant people to work with. My second bout of AFib in 7 years. I was there until around 8:30, and am back in normal rhythm and back in the campground.

I'll have to add the trailer photo tomorrow.

Dinner was a microwaved Innovation Orange Chicken dinner.

Until Tomorrow -


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