2023 - 2024 Trip To The Southwest

And We Are Off - Day 1

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Monday, October 16, 2023 - Binghamton, NY - 133.3 Miles, 133.3 Miles for the trip

The truck is packed and I'm ready to start the first link of the trip - as usual, the Guido's house in Binghamton, NY. Starting mileage on the truck is 65,923.6, 45,476.65 on the trailer. I keep a spreadsheet of trip mileage, fuel & campground costs (I don't include food since I'd be buying that at home) and if I manage to remember to update it I'll have some statistics to post at the end of the trip.

I made a stop at the nearest CAT scale to weigh the truck & trailer. Doing a first weigh with both the truck & trailer gives me the truck front & drive axles & the combined trailer axle weight. A second weighing of the truck alone gives me both axle weights without the trailer. A bit of math with the totals provides trailer & tongue weight:

Truck Front Axle 3100, Truck Drive Axle 3400, Trailer Axles 4480, Total 10980. 2nd Weighing (Truck alone) Front Axle 3320, Drive Axle 2680 Total 6000.

Subtract the truck alone weight from the combined weight & you get the trailer weight. 10980 - 6000 = 4980. For tongue weight, subtract the trailer axle weight from the trailer weight. 4980 - 4480 = 500.

I arrived in Binghamton around 3:45 and found an email from Hungry Mother State Park welcoming me on the 23. Only problem is we are arriving on the 19th. After many busy signals, got through to the park and they don't know why I got the email, but we do have reservations starting on the 19th, leaving on the 24th.

Dinner was a Chicken Spedie Salad.


Until Tomorrow -

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