2023 - 2024 Trip To The Southwest

Burson Campground, Hungry Mother State Park, VA - Day 5

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Friday, October 20, 2023 - Burson Campground, Hungry Mother State Park, VA , Day 2 - 0 Miles, 715.1 Miles for the trip

Lots of light rain. Started around 4:00AM, and has been off & on all morning. After breakfast I started making blueberry pies for the pot luck tomorrow. Since the campground is full of fiberglass, as well as a number at the Creekside campground in another part of the park, I decided to make 3 pies. Discovered that one of the batches of blueberries was questionable, so now there are only 2 pies.

Somewhere around noon the rain stopped. Still cool at 52°F, and no sun, but better than falling rain. The light rain is dumping lots of leaves everywhere. In some places it looks like yellow snow! My outdoor rug was clear of leaves last night:

Lots of Leaves

Well, so much for stopped rain. It started again at 1:00, and like the morning, off & on.

I called Kyle & the hot water is fixed - they replaced the zone valve on the water heater circuit. I think I'll stick with Ellsworth, and hope they can deal with the Mini Split AC if it tanks. I prefer local, and even though Issac is a much larger company, if they won't come when you need them, it is time to switch.

While I prefer listening to classical music, and often listen to the internet connection to KBACH (which is actually KBAQ) in phoenix (I'm a sustaining member), there is no AT&T service here at Hungry Mother. Verizon varies from excellent to no connection, and I have a data limit of 75GB per month, so I tried over the air FM. One NPR news station which is good, but if you want music, the choices are country or WOLD, "music you used to listen to". Better than country, and internet radio that keeps dropping out.

The sun came out at 2:30, although it is still only 53°F outside. My weather app tells me that rain & a thunderstorm will start in 22 minutes. Since the last pie is out of the oven I'll make a quick round just to see if anyone is out.

I did make a walk around the campground. A group formed that kept getting larger, at least until the thunder started & the sun went away.


Around 3:45 I headed for the showers. Individual rooms with a large dressing area. Unfortunately, there is no lip between the shower & the dressing area floor, and although the showerhead is at right angles to the dressing area, the floor still gets wet - no shower curtain. There is a small electric heater on the wall of the dressing area, but pretty anemic. The good - plenty of hot water, a place for your stuff in the shower as well as 2 hooks & a bench in the drying area. Lots of hot water & a standard showerhead. Overall a B.

We decided the weather would keep us from an outside meal, so the Guidos are having leftovers & I'm microwaving dinner - a Benihana Hibachi Chicken Rice dinner.

Until Tomorrow -


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