2023 - 2024 Trip To The Southwest

Burson Campground, Hungry Mother State Park, VA - Day 8

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Monday, October 23, 2023 - Burson Campground, Hungry Mother State Park, VA , Day 5 - 0 Miles, 715.1 Miles for the trip

A cool night. The campground host went around yesterday evening suggesting that we unhook our water hoses since he had a predicted overnight temperature of 31°F. I did unhook mine, but it only went down to 37°F.

I stripped the bed, and after my morning walk started 2 loads of laundry. I was using flannel sheets that are heavy enough that they make up a full washer load. My laundry bag wasn't full, but since I was doing the sheets, I figured to get rid of the rest of a week's worth of dirty clothes. Then it was time to make the bed. The double bed in the Escape 21 is comfortable, plenty large enough for one (or two - my wife & I slept in a double bed for 32 years), but making it with walls on three sides is "interesting". In any case, I now have fresh cotton sheets on the bed.

Lots of sun - while there was fog this morning, by 11:00 the sun was warming things up. Of course, that is relative - it is still only 46°F outside, but that feels much warmer than it was at 8:30. During the morning walk I took a photo of the dam that makes the lake here at the park. Nice color on the hills that looks better in person than in the photo.

The Dam

Almost everyone has left or is leaving today. A couple of "stickies" left in the campground. One of the park employees is "mowing" the leaves off the empty sites. A bit of a lost cause - they are still falling off the trees like snow. They do take good care of the sites after someone leaves - remove the leaves, rake the gravel, shut off the breakers, etc.

It warmed up very nicely during the afternoon - 63°F, but cooled quickly after the sun went down. At 6:30 it is down to 55°F. I packed up as much of the trailer as possible to make it easier in the morning. I don't have all that far to go so no rush, but it is more pleasant packing when everything is dry & warm rather than wet & cold.

We went to Mi Puerto again for dinner. Better luck for Anne - she wanted completely unspiced shrimp Chimichangas, and the last time, while the sauce was fine, the shrimp were a bit hot for her sore mouth. This time, after careful detailing what she wanted, the meal was great. I had fish tacos. I'm used to them coming with guacamole & sour cream, which these didn't, but they were good.

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