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Lake Somerville State Park, Somerville, TX - Day 22

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Monday, November 6, 2023 - Lake Somerville State Park, Somerville, TX, Day 2 - 0 Miles, 2,029.7 Miles for the trip

A very quiet night. After dark (early at 6:00) I stepped outside to see if the sky was clear enough to see any of the Taurid meteor shower, but too many clouds. While they produce fewer meteors than some of the others, they often make large fireballs which are neat.

It was also another warm night - the electric heater never came on & I left a bunch of windows open & the Maxx fan running on step 2.

On my morning walk around the campground loop I saw 2 other campers in the park. I know at least one left early, but the place is pretty empty. After breakfast I read some journals & forums. A bit of a strange internet connection, at least on AT&T. A speed test shows 45.5Mbps down & 1Mbps up. The first connection takes forever, but once connected, it is fast enough. Even at 1Mbps the uploads of my photos was acceptable.

During the walk around the campground I noticed that every site with the exception of 38 has a reserved sign. I wonder if they keep site 38, which looks like it was built as a handicapped site, open since it can't be reserved, and it the only site in the park that has an available sign. Since it is my favorite site, I should stop by the ranger station to see what is up; maybe in the morning since I didn't unhook the truck. Along with a photo of the campsite, I took one of the pretty purple berries hanging off the trees as well as some Spanish Moss:

Purple Berries Spanish Moss Site 38 My Sign

I didn't have to stop by the ranger station since I ran into a volunteer couple cleaning a near by site.  They said there is at least one site in each section of the campground that is first come & 38 is the one for this section.

I read until lunch time (a Cobb salad), then read some more after lunch. A rough day!

Around 2:00 I headed for the showers. There are 2, one handicapped. The standard shower stall is small to medium size, no shelf or hooks, no shower curtain, and a high pressure, low volume showerhead (not the 1" one you see most of the time, but 2" diameter - the 1" one is in the handicapped shower). The spray from the showerhead is so fine that by the time it gets any lower than your chest, it is cold even though it is hot on your head. A small drying room that has no bench & 3 hooks so short that I couldn't hang my shaving bag on them. There is a bench outside the shower drying room with a shower curtain between. You can't really close the shower curtain since you need the bench for your stuff. Since the bench is in the general bathroom area, you better not be shy. I'm used to a large group shower & drying room since I swim laps at one of the gyms at the college at home, but that still feels different than drying in the side of the bathroom. Still, it worked. I give it a C-.

After that more sitting outside until dinner which was a Knoor's Broccoli & Cheese Noodles with a bunch of added shrimp, and a green Jello for dessert.

Until Tomorrow -


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