2023 - 2024 Trip To The Southwest

Dwayne's Mountain View RV Park, Bowie, AZ - Day 31

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Wednesday, November 15, 2023 - Dwayne's Mountain View RV Park, Bowie, AZ, Day 2 - 0 Miles, 2,943.1 Miles for the trip

I decided to try my bathroom key last night, and as suspected, after the office closed, the bathroom doors were locked. Only problem? My key didn't work. It fit the lock, but wouldn't turn. Just in case the women's room had a different lock, I tried it there - no go. So, back to the trailer. In the morning I met one of the groundskeepers, and he tried the key; still didn't work. Took it to the office, got a new key that worked.

I managed to do a one mile walk by going up & down all the roads in the park, then had breakfast. Did some forum & journal reading, by which time it warmed up enough to move outside with my Kindle. I watched a number of trains go by. There are some very different engines pulling the trains. They all look the same, but some are loud enough to shake the trailer while you can barely hear some of the others. They are long trains - while on I 10 I measured one of them at 1.2 miles long. Most have multiple engines in front, and either a pusher engine at the end or one in the middle. Only about one in ten toot their horns, and that is far away enough not to be annoying. They do run all night.

A Train Mid Train Engine

Around 12:30 I headed to the taco truck. Three ground beef tacos with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese & onions, and a tub of sour cream. I ordered 2 hard shell & one soft for $9.00. Not bad, although more lunch than I usually eat. After lunch it was back outside. I fired up the AC around 1:30 since it hit 87°F inside the trailer - it was 78°F outside by 3:00, and the sun was strong enough that I moved to the shade of the trailer.

Watched a mobile repairman work on the slide of a large diesel pusher next door that was stuck open. They had already spent 3 days here rather than the one they were planning on, and missed one of their reserved parks. Took about an hour for the repairman to replace a shaft and get it working again.

After that I headed for the showers. A household type shower stall that had shelves and a fine spray showerhead on a hose. A small drying area that has both a bench & shelf but no hooks. A shower curtain keeps the spray out of the drying area. It took over 4 minutes for the water to turn hot, and it kept going from hot to barely warm, requiring adjusting the cold water while you were showering. Other than that, it was fine. I give it a B-.

Since I was still full from the taco lunch, dinner was just a salad & left over fruit.

Until Tomorrow -


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