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Gilbert Ray County Campground, Tucson, AZ - Day 34

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Saturday, November 18, 2023 - Gilbert Ray County Campground, Tucson, AZ, Day 3 - 0 Miles, 3,060.5 Miles for the trip

I met a groundskeeper on my morning walk and he thinks some of the A section sites will open on Thanksgiving. Some are still too messed up from the electrical upgrade to be ready in time; they will add the sites as they clean them up.

A light rain this morning with a rainbow around 9:00 and a break from 7:00 - 1:00, then a short 10 minute rain. The sun is peaking around the clouds at 1:30.

Around 10:00 I headed to the Tucson Mall and REI to buy a replacement pair of Keen closed toe sandals. Mine are over 15 years old and the back strap on one of them tore loose from the main body. After I got back to the trailer I decided to see if I could sew the strap back in place on my old pair (of course after buying replacements). I don't know if the repair will hold up but it is worth a try. I dug out my dad's heavy set of needles, awls, etc since I was sewing multiple layers of very heavy material.

I haven't been giving temperature reports lately because they have been too nice! 60's at night & mid 70's to 80 during the day. The trailer does heat up in the sun, so I have been running the AC a bit. No need for it this afternoon - a dreary 70°F day out with a cool breeze blowing. While great lighting for waterfall photos, not so good for images of what is one of the most picturesque campgrounds I've stayed in.

Dreary Skies Dreary Skies

With the fog and intermittent rain, I stayed inside most of the afternoon. I did change the file names for the Z8 to JVZ to differentiate from the JV3 for the D 850. If I go over 9999 I'll need a new set of three letters. I am up to 8571 on the D 850.

While there are still heavy clouds to the south, there are clear skies with distant clouds on the northern side of the campground. No sun & 66°F. I will probably plug in the electric heater tonight.

Dinner was an El Monterey Chicken Enchiladas bowl, and chocolate pudding for dessert.

Until Tomorrow -


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