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La Paz County Park, Parker, AZ - Day 64

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Monday, December 18, 2023 - La Paz County Park, Parker, AZ, Day 18 - 0 Miles, 3,402.3 Miles for the trip

A busy day. After my walk & breakfast I read for a bit, then packed up the dirty clothes & headed to the laundromat. I decided to try the 16th St Laundromat. OK, but I like the Kofa laundromat better. While the overall prices are about the same (a quarter more to wash at the 16th St, but 9 minutes per quarter vs 8 at Kofa), the Kofa has cleaner floors. I ended up with dirt on my sheets when folding them from them hitting the floor.

On the way back I stopped at Ford & scheduled the cam phaser repair. I wonder why I had to stop in to get scheduled; they never called. In any case, it goes in on Wednesday, December 27th.

I stopped by Safeway for milk, and saw that they had turkey thighs in the hot food display. I prefer dark meat, and it is rare that you find turkey thighs. I've always looked for them when on the road around Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc but while there are lots of turkey breasts, no thighs. Wonder what happens to them? So, I bought one. Big mistake. I don't know how they managed to destroy a turkey thigh, but either Jennie-O or Safeway managed to take my favorite part of a turkey and turn it into a stringy, greasy tasteless chunk of meat. Very over cooked, and in pieces in the bag. Oh, it was also very salty. I made a sandwich with it for lunch, and did the same for dinner (along with fresh asparagus) but overall very disappointing.

After lunch I pulled a chair out of the Clam and sat outside reading. There are 2 hummingbirds. With the heavy clouds, the bees were not crowding the feeder, so the hummers came back. Today was the first time I saw 2 at once. Fighting, of course. Current book is Wintering by Katherine May. It is non fiction, which I rarely read, but was highly recommended.

Around 4:00 I headed for a shower. I went to building 9 even though I like building 6 better because building 9 is a bit closer, and there was a prediction for rain. In fact, my not so accurate AccuWeather App said it was raining (it wasn't). It did look like it could start at any time & I wanted walk in the rain a shorter distance If it happened. It didn't.

As mentioned, dinner was a turkey sandwich & asparagus with vanilla ice cream for dessert.

Until Tomorrow -


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