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La Paz County Park, Parker, AZ - Day 78

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Monday, January 1, 2024 - La Paz County Park, Parker, AZ, Day 32 - 0 Miles, 3,402.3 Miles for the trip

Welcome to 2024!

To make the walk less boring, I switch directions each morning. The direction for today's morning walk was towards the Pirate's Cove end of the park, and when I reached the Black Pearl Restaurant I discovered that it was open. They usually open at 11:00 during the week, but I guess New Year's Day is an exception. I suspect they are expecting overhung party goers; they offered me their drinks menu as well as the breakfast menu at 9:15AM. I ordered their biscuits & gravy which comes with a hash brown side. Two biscuits, but still way too much for just me. Very good, but not inexpensive - $20.00 with coffee.

Back at the trailer I finished up my 2024 spreadsheets for my various bank registers, retirement, and started on my 2024 income tax paperwork. I'm halfway through Whispers of the Dead, and received a notice from the New York Public Library that Cadfael #15, Ellis Peters's The Confession of Brother Haluin is available so I downloaded it as my next book.

I looked at the total number of books I read or listened to since I started my books read database - 3,535 since 2003. Last year it was 325 with 71 as audio books. For anyone interested, I have an Excel spreadsheet version of the book list. There are 2 "Read Date" fields - My current database Tap Forms is not able to mix its "auto dating" fields with my previous database's date field, so I started a new field when I switched to Tap Forms.

I have a new neighbor with the usual problem of trying to decide where the RV goes. Since they are going to be here for a couple of months, I hope they get it right. The office isn't all that much help and there isn't much in the way of markings to tell which is the space for your RV & which is your picnic table area (and most of the overflow sites don't have picnic tables). Anyhow, he is parked, although if someone is assigned the location in front of his 5th wheel he will not be able to hook up - his wife preferred the view looking towards the road which placed his hitch towards the hookups. I went to the office to make my final payment & get new car mirror tags for the month.

2024 entered a bit cooler than the end of 2023. While the morning temperature wasn't so bad at 50°F, at 2:00 is was still only 60°F and a fair breeze that makes it feel cooler. There isn't enough sun to warm up the Clam, and sitting outside in the breeze is too cool, so I'm in the trailer.

I was still feeling stuffed from a big breakfast and lunch, so all I had for dinner was cheese & crackers. I'll have the planned New Years dinner tomorrow.

Until Tomorrow -


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