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La Paz County Park, Parker, AZ - Day 85

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Monday, January 8, 2024 - La Paz County Park, Parker, AZ, Day 39 - 0 Miles, 3,402.3 Miles for the trip

Back to the cool mornings, 39°F for this morning's walk. After reading web pages, journals & forums, I headed to the Kofa Laundromat. Very busy - while I got lucky and found both, many had to wait for washers & dryers. Because I washed my Kokopelli bed coverlet, as well as a bunch of other heavy stuff, I ended up using 3 washers & two dryers, and 36 minutes of drying time was barely enough.

On the way back to the park I stopped at Safeway & picked up a couple things, including an excellent hard roll. Unfortunately, their bagels are made from what seems to be the same dough and I don't believe ever sees boiling water; nothing like a New York City bagel (although nothing, even our home town upstate bagels are anything like a real NY bagel).

One good thing about the huge class A & trailer blocking my view of the California mountains is it is also blocking the steady wind coming across the river. Only 56°F at 3:30, and, according to AccuWeather, the "Real Feel" is 52°F. Clear skies with lots of sun, but with the wind, outside is not all that comfortable. I can't hear my audio book through either my Mpow Flame earphones or hearing aids because of the wind noise. I'm inside the trailer rather than the Clam (which is holding up well in the wind).

Somehow I missed the original notice from Libby & the NYPL that book 16 of the Cadfael series was available. I got a "last chance to download" message this afternoon, so I'm now reading Ellis Peters's The Heretic's Apprentice. I finished Murder in the Hollows by Declan James last night, and while I didn't add it to my "don't bother with this author again" list, I hope he improves with practice. The overall story was good, but the telling was lacking. You get a lot of these with the Amazon Kindle Unlimited since many of the free books are first time or early in their career authors. A few are excellent from the beginning, while others take a few books to improve. Unfortunately, a few never improve...

I finished the bag of Avocado Ranch Chopped Salad by Taylor Farms during lunch, and have to say it is the best bagged salad I've eaten. Comes with various stuff to sprinkle on the chopped romaine lettuce, green cabbage, green onion, cilantro, etc and an excellent avocado ranch dressing.

Dinner was an El Monterey Chicken Fajita Bowl with Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream for dessert.

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