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La Paz County Park, Parker, AZ - Day 93

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Tuesday, January 16, 2024 - La Paz County Park, Parker, AZ, Day 47 - 0 Miles, 3,402.3 Miles for the trip

Another quiet but beautiful day at the La Paz County Park. It hit 73°F by late afternoon. I sat out switching between sun & shade most of the afternoon. The huge Class A "Sun Blocker" parked next to me left this morning so my view of the California mountains is back.

I received my hope to be final case for my iPhone 13 Pro and it fits, and works with my wireless charging stand. Not as protective as the OtterBox Defender version, but the OtterBox wouldn't work with my wireless charging stand, and I don't want to change from using it.

I thought about a resupply trip to Safeway, but there was nothing I couldn't do without until tomorrow, so I put it off. I did add a couple of gallons of spring water to my shopping list since the salt free water station here in the park was empty. I checked around 5:00 and they had refilled it. A gallon of good coffee water at $.25 is a better deal than $1.50 at Safeway. Speaking of money, I got my first of the year RMD (Required Minimum Distribution) deposit from my retirement account at TIAA. Rather than pay it all at once I have it taken out monthly. It is still more money than I need, but the federal government wants their share of the taxes so they don't let those over 70 1/2 leave all their money in tax free retirement accounts. I have no choice but to take it out or pay a 25% penalty. At least I'm currently making a decent amount of interest putting the extra in the bank.

Dinner was a Marie Callender's Sweet & Sour Chicken dinner and a chocolate pudding for dessert. Of all the frozen microwave sweet & sour chicken meals, this is my favorite.

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