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La Paz County Park, Parker, AZ - Day 97

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Saturday, January 20, 2024 - La Paz County Park, Parker, AZ, Day 51 - 0 Miles, 3,402.3 Miles for the trip

Another warm night. On my morning walk I took my Verizon phone and headed to the Swap Meet. Of course, because I had my Verizon phone with me, Verizon wasn't there. I suspect they are at the Lake Havasu Balloon Festival. In any case, I stopped by the Black Pearl for stuffed French toast.

Lots of new neighbors on this side of the road. A class C next door, and a large Class A at least 4' into the site behind him.

I did some reading, than around 3:00 headed to Lake Havasu City & the Havasu Balloon Festival. I have to say that of the 8 balloon festivals I've attended, this was the worst, including the 4th Annual Havasu Balloon Festival I attended in 2013. I have to admit that no one can compare with the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta with 500 - 700 balloons, but I've also been to some small ones that only had 3 - 5 balloons. Many, many booths (including Verizon) selling everything from kitchenware to hot tubs, a bunch of carnival rides, and, no balloons. It appears that the primary reason for having the festival to to sell booths.

They had a planned mass ascension at 4:15, and after dropping a couple of test balloons, decided that with the very light wind heading north, no balloons. While I have no problem with the balloon pilots deciding that the wind is wrong, and a north wind does put them in the surrounding mountains after they clear the power lines at the edge of the field. this is the first balloon festival that didn't have some baskets set up, burners blasting every once in a while, even a tethered balloon or two. There has always been a few that filled the balloons, kept them up, but on the ground tied to the recovery vehicles for a half hour or so, then put them away. Their propane is free, so burning a bit just to give the audience something to see has always happened at all the festivals I've been to. A night glow is still scheduled for this evening but I left after the canceled the ascension. Enough of the grumpy old man - here are a few photos:

Belly Dancers Lakeside Lighthouse Lakeside Lighthouse K9 Demo
K9 Some Booths Waiting For a Balloon Ride Made in Lake Havasu
The Rides The Balloon Field    

On the way home I stopped at Bashas for some chicken & mac & cheese for dinner. I went with the fried - we will see how the stomach holds up...

Until Tomorrow -


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