2023 - 2024 Trip To The Southwest

Dome Rock BLM 14 Day Area, Quartzsite, AZ - Day 114

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Tuesday, February 6, 2024 - Dome Rock, Quartzsite, AZ, Day 6 - 0 Miles, 3,452.3 Miles for the tripp

Not my count, but as of Monday night there were 88 trailers at Dome Rock - 2 Bigfoots, 44 Casitas, 30 Escapes, 5 Olivers, 7 Scamps. While I've been told there is a Snoozy here, but I haven't found it on my walks. A Scamp 19 arrived last night.

I woke up to clouds, but not the predicted rain. While the rain that has been hitting southern California is suppose to be headed our way with the current prediction of 95% chance of rain today, my radar app shows it moving north from Mexico. Both weather apps says it is currently raining, and it isn't (but sure looks like it wants to). In any case, I took my camera on my morning walk:

With the cloud cover yesterday and this morning, my batteries never got to full; they are at 80% this morning, and with the current 11 watts being produced by the solar panels, I don't expect to put much more into them today. Still, I need my coffee, so I burned 2 amp hours making a mug worth (and, at 10:30 a very light drizzle started). Around 11:00 it got hard enough that you could hear it on the roof, but still fairly light. It has been off & on all day. I spent most of the afternoon sitting in the trailer reading. While I did see a peak of 211 watts at the solar controller when a bit of sun peaked through the clouds, for most of the afternoon it has been averaging well under 100 watts. The batteries, as of 2:18 are at 78%.

Before the second phase of the storm moved in at 4:30, the batteries were up to 82%. The storm started with very high winds, enough to blow down my Clam even though it was staked. With help it is sorta folded, down on the ground, and the Weber grill sitting on it holding it down. Heavy rain and wind that is suppose to last until 6:00.

The original plan for dinner was a Butterball Turkey Burger cooked on the Weber in the Clam. That is kinda out, so it I fired up the oven & will bake an Amy's Enchilada with Spanish Rice & Black Bean Bowl for dinner.

Until Tomorrow -


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