2022 Trip To Algonac State Park & Niagara Falls, Ontario

Day 1 - Byng Island Conservation Area

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Algonac Trip, 2021

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Day 2

Tuesday, September 6th - 200.6 miles, 200.6 For The Trip

We finished packing and hit the road around 11:45. A couple of stops on the way, crossed the border at the Peace Bridge with a short 3 car wait. No questions about food, just alcohol, tobacco & firearms. Arrived at Byng Island Conservation Area around 4:15.

The sites were quite flooded, Anne & Guido's a bit less than mine; I have my own lake:

Anne & Guido's Site 408 My Site 410 My Tires

In addition to the wet & mud, the hookups are over 80' from my trailer. Both sites have their hookups at the back of Guido's site. He can reach the power post, but while combining my standard 30' 30 amp cord, a 30' 30 amp extension cord & a 25' #12 standard extension cord would get me to the post, it isn't worth dragging all that through the mud.

While neither of the cell modems will make a connection to the Canadian Bell, both phones seem to have functional hotspots. Since I don't have the hotspot function on my AT&T service I'm not sure why it is working, but I did manage to post today's photos using the AT&T phone. When I tried to select the AT&T hotspot using the WiFi menu on my laptop it told me it could not connect. Both phones are showing 1-2 bars of signal.

In any case, we are set up. Anne is starting dinner - Tuscan Chicken with cherry tomatoes & spinach. I eat much healthier when traveling with the Guidos!

Until Tomorrow -

Getting Ready & Index

Day 2

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