2022 Trip To Algonac State Park & Niagara Falls, Ontario

Day 2 - Algonac State Park, MI

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Algonac Trip, 2021

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Wednesday, September 7 - 197.4 Miles, 398 For The Trip

A slow start waiting for the rain to stop. No problem for me since all I needed to do is pull out; I didn't even put the stabilizers down since they would have sunk in the mud. Guido, on the other hand needed to reel in and clean 60' of electric cord and 60' of water hose.

Most of the trip was on Canada 3, although both our GPSs wanted up to take other roads (different roads for each GPS although both are Garmins). Anyhow, we finished the trip on the 402, crossed into the US at Sarnia with a 5-6 car wait, but a very fast interview.

We arrived around 4:00 and had to phone in our registration - no one at the entrance station. Someone is going to come around and collect the money for a Out of State Michigan Park Pass for $34.00 which we need for the stay. With the park pass & the $196.00 for the actual reservation for 6 nights, the site comes to $38.33 per night - Electric only on mixed gravel & dirt. A tight site - I cheated a bit and parked a little deeper than the instructions for the site suggested, but still not in my rearward neighbor's site. The truck just fits in front of the trailer. My site has lots of shade, while the Guido site is in the sun (which neither of them are suppose to sit in).

Anne & Guido in 128 Me in Site 130

Set up the site sign, a hummingbird feeder, and by then it was time for dinner.

I made Butterball Turkey Cheeseburgers & Bush Beans.

Until Tomorrow -

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