2021 - 2022 Trip To The Southwest

Day 14, Montgomery Bell State Park, Dickson, TN, Day 2

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Wednesday, November 3, 2021 - Montgomery Bell State Park, Dickson, TN, Day 2 - 0 Miles, 1124.1 Miles for the Trip

I made a correction to yesterday's post - the I 440 that I should have taken was around Nashville, not Knoxville.

I met a tenter in the bathroom last night - it was 42°F & he was adding layers and complaining about the cold. It did go down to 37°F by morning, and has only made it up to 48°F by noon today.

I did my walk around of the campground taking notes for my Campground Site note page. They don't have a map I can photograph, so I pulled up their webpage I took a photo of a map that included most of the sites.

I think I'll plan for more of the one day stops during the northern part of the trip & save the 2 day+ stops for further south where there is a better chance of sitting around outdoors & enjoying warmer weather. Everyone here except the tenters are hold up in their trailers & motorhomes. The Walmart electric heater is keeping the trailer warm set on the middle wattage position, although it goes through a far larger temperature swing than I'd like.

I called my prescription refills and had them sent to a pharmacy that I'll be near next week. All are refilled at the same time, making it easier to do than filling them one at a time. I have given up on transfers from my home Walgreens pharmacy and just call my doctor and have new prescriptions sent to a pharmacy in a location where I'll be staying for more than one day. I have had more troubles getting transfers than new prescriptions from the doctor's office.

I also discovered that I'm scheduled for a MRI in Syracuse on the 16th. Since the specialist I visited said I didn't need one & I told him I would be leaving for a 6 month trip to Arizona the week after my appointment, I'm not sure why it was scheduled, but I managed to cancel it.

I took another walk around the campground & took a few photos of the Airstream group. A wide range, both age and size:

Some of the Airstreams

Back at the trailer I spent the rest of the afternoon reading Way Station by Clifford D. Simak, and listening to Laura Lippman's Dream Girl, not one of her best books.

I did find a Nashville NPR station, WPLN at 90.3 that is a news station with a format similar to WRVO, my home town station. There is a classical music station listed - Nashville Classic Radio, but it appears to be on line only.

Dinner was Barber Chicken, Cheese & Broccoli along with more of the Brussels Sprouts.

Until Tomorrow -


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