2021 - 2022 Trip To The Southwest

Day 13, Montgomery Bell State Park, Dickson, TN

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Tuesday, November 2, 2021 - Montgomery Bell State Park, Dickson, TN - 200.1 Miles, 1124.1 Miles for the Trip

It was 47°F this morning, and for most of the trip to Montgomery Bell it never got any warmer. I drove through my first time zone change on the way. Everything I own made the change automatically except the truck. Well another exception is a wall clock in the trailer, but it wouldn't help - it seems to have died on the trip. I tried new batteries, and it was good for a day, but is now toast. I don't really need it, but since I have a hanger on the wall, I'll probably replace it at the next Walmart. Like most of the previous driving, it was on the interstates, this time on I40. I should have taken the I 440 loop around Nashville, but foolishly followed Matilda, my GPS through the heart of the city. Very heavy traffic even though it was early afternoon. At least no stop & go. While driving I listened to Laura Lippman's Dream Girl.

I really need to make a site list for Montgomery Bell State Park. While I just fit in site 64, other than the tent sites, it is one of the smallest. While most of the other RV sites are longer (and in better shape), many are quite sloped and best avoided. There are many large, flat sites that are empty. I needed the full adjustment of the Anderson levelers for the side to side leveling, and had to drop the tongue 3 3/4". It is an paved electric & water site, although the pavement at the back of the site is very broken up. It is next door to one of the bathrooms. $33.48 per night with a $5.00 reservation fee. There are quite a few empty sites, so my reservation was not necessary.

Site 64

After setting up the trailer, I headed to Kroger's for some milk and other supplies. Kroger's is about 6 miles from the campground. Gas on the way was as low as $2.99 per gallon. I stopped before I saw that station and paid $3.09.

After putting the groceries away (and completely filling the freezer again) I walked around the campground loops. There must be an Airstream gathering at the park - there are a bunch of them in the full hookup section of the campground. I remember from last time that the bathroom building in the full hookup area is the nicest, with benches in the showers, etc. Since most of those in the full hookup area have large trailers or motorhomes, I doubt they will be using the showers, so it would have made more sense to put the better bathroom in the elect & water area. The temperature at 3:30 has warmed up to 52°F, and while cold weather is predicted for tonight, it shouldn't go below freezing. Tomorrow is another story - a predicted freeze, so I'll probably put the water hose away before going to bed.

Speaking of showers, after my walk I headed for the one next door. I do remember the shower from my 2018 visit. A very well heated building, lots of hot water through a high volume shower head (unless you turn it up all the way, in which case it gets full cold). The bad? No bench in the drying area. 2 hooks, and nothing in the shower. All the walls are high enough that you can't put your bag or soap dish on top of the wall. While the shower head is perpendicular to the drying area, the shower curtain is on the entrance to the entire shower, not between the shower & the drying area. The floor in the drying area gets soaked. Overall, the best I could give it is a C, although I did appreciate the very warm room.

There is good AT&T data coverage, with 48.7Mbps down and 43.5Mbps up. I didn't speed test Verizon, but is does show a data connection.

I did some reading after my shower (current book is Wolf Point by Ian K. Smith) until dinner, which was a salad & a Marie Callender's Chicken & Bacon Shepherd's Pie.

Until Tomorrow -


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