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Day 17, Natchez State Park, Natchez, MS

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Saturday, November 6, 2021 -Natchez State Park, Natchez, MS - 196.8 Miles, 1608.3 Miles for the Trip

It stayed above the 30's overnight (just) but I had to get used to the difference between the electric heater and the trailer furnace. The furnace holds the temperature much closer (within a half a degree) but cycles far more often. I eventually reached the point where I could sleep through the start up. I had problems on the last trip with the furnace that has been solved, but I kept waiting for it to fail to ignite or short cycle. In any case, it worked well. I didn't do anything to reduce my electrical usage (well, I didn't run the electric heater) and by leaving time in the morning, I used 74 amp hours - the batteries were at 74%. With the 9 amp charge from the truck through the DC to DC converter, and a somewhat cloud covered solar panels, I was back to 94% by the time I arrived at the park. It only took three quarters of an hour to bring them up to full after I plugged in.

I spent almost all of the trip to Natchez State Park on the Natchez Trace. I got off at Port Gibson & switched to US 61 for the last 40 miles. Have to say that the 50MPH speed limit (I'll admit to setting the cruise control at 55MPH) on the Trace does wonders for gas mileage. 13.2MPG yesterday & 13.6MPG today.

One problem with the directions from the park - Tate Road is not marked coming from the north, although there is a sign for John something State Park, which I have discovered is also the name of Natchez State Park. I found to usual entrance blocked & headed a couple of miles north on US 61 from the blocked entrance, and found Tate road. Tate road gets my vote as one of the worst paved roads I've driven. Very narrow, lots of potholes, etc. Glad there was only 2.2 miles to Wickcliff road, marginally better for 2.5 miles, and into the park. I'm in site 45, a long back in level concrete pad with water & electric for $16.05. Next door to the bath house where I'm doing a load of laundry - $1.00 wash & dry).

Site 45

Since the bathroom is heated, I thought about heading for the showers while my clothes dried, but since I only have one towel & it is in the wash, that wouldn't work. Instead, I walked around the campground loop. While you can see Natchez Lake from many of the sites, none of them are on the shore. A fair number of empty sites, although many of them are reserved. Still, probably 4-5 open ones.

My clothes are in the dryer, thanks to the woman that removed her stuff. I had my laundry basket sitting on top of the dryer with a dollar's worth of quarters in it, and she put the money & clothes in the dryer when hers were done. According to her it takes two runs to dry, so I still have awhile to wait for my shower. I may skip it and do it tomorrow.

Dinner was a Turkey Bubba Burger & Tabatchnick Creamed Spinach.

Until Tomorrow -


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