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Day 25, Rio Grande Village Campground, Big Bend National Park, Big Bend, TX

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Sunday, November 14, 2021 - Rio Grande Village Campground, Big Bend National Park, Big Bend, TX - 150.7 Miles, 2,641.3 Miles for the Trip

I stopped by the restaurant for another biscuits & gravy breakfast. I've enjoyed not having to cook for myself for the last two days (well, maybe not the chicken fried steak) but the rest was good.

I headed down US 385 doing 65MPH (the speed limit on the 2 lane road is 75MPH) and 45MPH once I hit the park border. I arrived in the campground around 12:30. I passed a Bigfoot trailer leaving Big Bend on the way.

Big Bend National Park

I'm beginning to think Big Bend doesn't like me. During my 2019 trip my furnace died, cutting the stay short. This time the trailer hitch & I fought & it won. A number of folks have complained about the hitch on Escape trailers jamming. I've never had it happen until today. No matter how much jacking to take the weight off, wiggling the truck & trailer back & forth, etc it wouldn't unlatch. I eventually got frustrated enough to open the tailgate & get out my water pump pliers to try to pry it open. Unfortunately, I didn't quite latch the tailgate, it fell open, and destroyed the switches on the power tongue jack. In destroying them, it turned it on in the lift position. I got it stopped, but then had no easy way to adjust it up or down. There is a emergency direct drive adapter that fits a 3/8" drill. Unfortunately, my torque wrench / hammer drill that would have no problem turning it only takes 1/4" hex bits. I have a 3/8" drill, but it barely turns it. I finally used a couple of toothpicks to engage the contacts to use the tongue jack's motor. I did get the hitch unlatched, and the trailer is almost level. Tomorrow's project will be to try to reassemble the switch. I found the contacts & springs, so it might be possible. In any case, the plastic housing is totaled, so it looks like a new tongue jack is in my immediate future (well, here at Big Bend, not all that immediate).

Oops! Site 82 The Generator

I'm in site 82, a dry site on dirt that is sloped more than I'd like, and short enough that I had to park the truck next to the trailer. It has a tree that will provide morning shade, but nothing on the afternoon side. While that is good for the solar panels, it sure heats up the trailer. it is 87°F on my outside thermometer. While it is in the shade inside the ladder storage box, that end of the box is in full sun. I suspect is is closer to 80°F at 3:00.

I have a neighbor across the street that runs a construction generator much of the afternoon. I was under the impression that they were too loud for National Parks, but the good thing is he just shut it off. I feel sorry for the guy that is pulling into the site next to him - his front door is about 15' from the generator. It is at least 40' from me & is still loud. The good news is the folks that reserved his site showed up around 3:30 and he packed up & left.

I definitely need to do a walk around of the campground & add site information to my Campground Sites notes. I will be a good project for the cooler evenings since there are over 100 sites.

After setting up what was left of the trailer I put a chair in the shade and read for much of the rest of the afternoon. Flies are a pain, but with a light breeze, it is almost comfortable in the shade.

Dinner was a turkey Bubba Burger & salad.

Again, this won't be posted today. I'll probably stop over at the store tomorrow and post 2 days worth.

Until Then -


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