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Day 31, Tumble Inn, Marfa, TX, Day 2

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Saturday, November 20, 2021 - Tumble Inn RV Park, Marfa, TX, Day 2 - 0 Miles,2,789.8 Miles for the Trip

A cool night, getting down to 37°F. The Walmart electric heater couldn't make up its mind - either staying off down to 52°F or staying on up to 68°F. I sure need to get the Pelonis fixed!

I walked around the RV park this morning - an interesting place. About 1/2 the RVs look fairly permanent. There is a Casita in the campground, but I haven't seen the tow vehicle or owner. I added a photo of the "Office" and one of a pair of EV charging ports. The green building behind the charging ports might be the owner's home, or at least where he hangs out when at the park. No door, but a refrigerator, kitchen table, washer & dryer, etc. As I said, a strange but OK RV Park.

The EV Hookups The Office

I made a run to Porters & bought water & another chili relleno. Found on the back of a shelf an Alaskan mixed package, but none of the cans were amber so I passed it up. At least Alaskan products have made it here.

After that I sat outside in the shade reading. Current book is At First Light by Barbara Nickless. Outside didn't last long - the wind kicked up & the only shelter the trailer offered was in the sun. So, back in the trailer.

I tested the speed of both Verizon & AT&T. Verizon wins at 51.1Mbps down & 10.3Mbps up, while AT&T was at 34.1Mbps down & 6.9Mbps up. Either is definitely usable, however I stuck with AT&T. An interesting thing from Verizon. While I was doing the test I checked my data usage. It shows .17Gb on the Jetpack which makes sense, but 71Gb on the phone. The phone is suppose to be truly unlimited (unless I use it as a hotspot in which case it has the same 15Gb limit of the Jetpack), and appears to be, but the only thing I have used it for this month is to listen to internet radio, which doesn't use all that much data. Plus, I had the phone shut off for the 5 days at Big Bend. No idea how I used that much data...

I checked with the Gilbert Ray Campground (in Tucson) for their reservation policy - it is confusing. They don't have anyone in the office until January, and in the past it was first come until then, but Pima County has a reservation page and it let me (in fact seemed to require that I) make reservations. So, I will be in Tucson December 1-4. I hope to find a spot at White Water Draw for November 28, leaving December 1st. Hope the sandhill cranes are there for the winter.

As long as I was making reservations, I booked the rest of my trip to Quartzsite. For those interested, White Water Draw 11/28 -12/1, Gilbert Ray 12/1 - 12/4, Picacho Peak 12/4 - 12/6, Lost Dutchman 12/6 - 12/9 and on to Quartzsite on 12/9. While this is the first trip I have reserved virtually every night, the tail end through Arizona has always been reserved since their parks seems to never have first come sites available. Interesting - I will arrive in Quartzsite on the same day I did in 2019.

Dinner was a evol Portabella & Goat Cheese Ravioli bowl.

Until Tomorrow -


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