2021 - 2022 Trip To The Southwest 

Day 137, Smuggler's Roost RV Park, Animas, NM, Day 3

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Sunday, March 6, Smuggler's Roost RV Park, Animas, NM, Day 3 - 0 Miles, 4,765.8 Miles for the Trip

The wind just doesn't stop. I know March winds bring April showers and all that, but this is getting to be a bit much. I tried to go for a walk this morning (at 45°F) and the wind blew off my hat. I chased it down & headed back to the trailer. Every time the wind seems to let up & I think about going for a walk, it starts back up again.

After breakfast I read my usual forums & journals, then started book 2 of Robert Westbrook's Howard Moon Deer series, Warrior Circle. I liked book one enough that I bought #2 - there are eight books in the series. It is only 50°F at 12:00 and the wind is still shaking the trailer. Sooner or later I'm going to have to go out and disconnect the water hose. Predictions are for 25°F by morning & I don't want to try to roll up a frozen hose when I head out in the morning.

Since there was a temporary lull in the wind I walked to the end of the RV park & back. Hard to know what to make of the place - I'd love to know the history. There are over 400 electrical pedestals, a few in this row with water, and posts that look like they could be cable TV with wires hanging out of them, and some with sewer connections. Most of the rows of electrical pedestals are overgrown with grass, and junk in the rows. As I mentioned the other day, the row I'm in is the only one that looks like it is used. The AllStays app lists "432 50 amp sites, full hookups, tables, grill, toilets, showers, and laundry." In reality, there are probable 20 usable sites, 1/2 of which look to have permanent residents, and not a bathroom or laundry in sight (or, for that matter, in town unless there is one in the pizza stand). While the price is right at $15.00 per night, I sure can't recommend it.

Dinner is the last of my oven baked Barber Foods chicken meal, this one a Chicken Cordon Bleu along with mashed potatoes. I've be able to find the microwave versions out here in the southwest, but they end up mushy. I hope to be able to find the oven versions soon.

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