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Day 142, Monahans Sandhills State Park, Monahans, TX

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Friday, March 11, Monahans Sandhills State Park, Monahans, TX - 207.1 Miles, 5,369 Miles for the Trip

I can't leave the Oasis without a photo of one of the unique RVs. An interesting generator.

An RV at the Oasis

It was also an interesting trip to Monahans Sandhills State Park. Either the coordinates I found for it were wrong, or I made a typo, but what should have been a 135 mile trip with 2 miles of it within I20 turned into a 207 mile trip including a very washboarded dirt road. In any case, I'm here.

I managed to choose the coldest & windiest days over the last two & next two weeks to visit, but the entire area is suffering from a passing cold front. It will be in the 70's the day after I leave here, and was 72°F yesterday. The prediction for Van Horn was 40°F this morning - it was 22°F. Of course, with a 40°F prediction, I left my water hose connected overnight. It crinkled a lot when I rolled it up, but at least I was able to shut off the water faucet.

On a previous trip that had the same problem I was able to remove my hose, but could not close the faucet. I worried what would happen as the day warmed and the plug of ice melted, but no problem - while disconnecting my electric connection the plugged faucet melted and sprayed me with ice water.

I'm in site 6, a water & electric site (I won't be using the water) for $19.00 per night ($15.00 for the site and the Texas park per person per day fee which is $4.00 here). The site is just big enough for the 21 with the truck connected, but sloped enough that I had to disconnect to level the trailer. About an inch side to side & a 3" drop for the front. A back in site on pavement. Many of the other sites in the campground are pull through, but they were already reserved when I called in December. The park has a sign up that says they are full, although there are lots of empty sites as of 5:00.

Site 6

As you can see from the photos, the name of the park is appropriate. My picnic table is buried in the sand, as is my grill. There is a shade shelter, but even in the bright sunshine, at 40°F for the high & 20°F predicted for tonight, I don't plan to spend too much time outside.

There are folks sliding on the sand hills behind my site. The park rents disks to slide on & many come to the park for a day of sliding. While I find it too cold to spend much time outside, I guess if it was snow, the temperature would be perfect. Everyone is dressed for a day on the slopes; it is just sand instead of snow.

Disking on the Sandhill

By the time I got here, registered and set up in the wind, it was already 4:50, so I didn't do much else for the afternoon.

Dinner was an evol Portabella & Goat Cheese Ravioli Bowl.

Until Tomorrow -


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