2021 - 2022 Trip To The Southwest 

Day 153, Toad Suck COE Campground, Conway, AR, Day 3

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Tuesday , March 22, Toad Suck COE Campground, Conway, AR, Day 3 - 0 Miles, 6,221.4 Miles for the Trip

Lots of rain. It started around dinner time last night, and hasn't stopped yet (as of noon). Ranges from heavy thunderstorms (but so far no hail) to light steady rain.

Sometime over night my power went out. A park ranger was cleaning out the gutters in the site next to me & I asked if the entire park was out - nope. The 30 amp breaker felt "funny", and playing with it sometimes gave me power for a couple of minutes. The ranger called the park electrician & he replaced the breaker. So far, all is back to normal.

With the rain, I skipped my morning walk and spent most of it inside reading. The rain stopped around 2:00. Still heavy clouds & 56°F outside. The 2" deep lake in front of my door has drained although the drainage ditch behind the table area is running strong. My neighbor had to pull a couple of the decorative cement blocks to get his patio to drain.

I discovered I was out of hamburger rolls, so made a quick run to the Toad Suck Quik Stop just outside the park. They had Toad Suck "T" shirts, and because of the name, I was "forced" to buy one. How many can say they have been to Toad Suck?

Dinner was a grilled cheeseburger, asparagus & snap peas. While the rain had stopped earlier, as I set up the grill it started to mist, and as I shut it down after finishing the cheeseburger, it started a light rain. I ended up steaming the asparagus & snap peas inside the trailer - steamed up all the windows...

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