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Day 152, Toad Suck COE Campground, Conway, AR, Day 2

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Monday , March 21, Toad Suck COE Campground, Conway, AR, Day 2 - 0 Miles, 6,221.4 Miles for the Trip

A fairly warm night - 50°F at 7:00AM. I went for a walk around the campground before breakfast, managing to put in one mile even though I left out one of the loops. This is another campground where I need to take a notebook & walk around to determine which sites are actually usable. There are a few that are much closer to the bathrooms & showers that are so sloped that they are unusable, even for a trailer, but some would work fine.

I did a speed check on AT&T & Verizon when I arrived yesterday - AT&T 13.4Mbps down & 9.6Mbps up without the external MIMO antennas, 41.6Mbps down &19Mbps up with the external antennas. Verizon showed 56.4Mbps down & 16.6Mbps up without the external MIMO antennas, and 63.6Mbps down & 18.7Mbps up with. As usual, real world results favor AT&T even though they show up slower during a speed test. Using Verizon this morning was slow enough to be barely usable; AT&T worked fine.

Around 2:00 I headed for the showers. A bit too far to walk, so I drove & parked at the bathrooms. Typical COE bathrooms - 4 individual rooms in a building, each with a sink, toilet & shower. Large enough that even without a shower curtain, the main area floor stays dry. High pressure shower head with adjustable temperature control. A small soap dish and fold down seats, one in the main area & one in the shower. The shower has two nozzles, high & low with a lever to switch between them. No hooks or shelves other than the fold down seats, but the wall next to the shower is flat enough on top to put your shampoo & soap box. Plenty of hot water, although somewhat soft - lots of rinsing time. The room was heated. Overall, a B-.

I had a problem with my website this afternoon - all the secure (https) links went dead. Since my site was created before secure sites (SSL) were available, I have a mix of secure & unsecured links. I wish there was some simple way to change all the unsecured internal links to secure since I'm paying for a secure site, but so far I haven't found it. In any case, a phone call to my ISP technical support at IONOS seems to have fixed the issue. Let me know if you are experiencing problems...

Very windy & heavy clouds. My weather app says it is raining, but it is not, at least so far. I tried sitting outside, but the wind & lack of sun drove me inside.

That was about it for the day. I gave up on listening to Samantha Shannon's The Mask Falling; I just couldn't get into to story. I started listening to Quantum of Nightmares by Charles Stross during my morning walk and am enjoying it. Current Kindle book is Mount Fitz Roy (the second Sun Symbol series book) by Scott Sigler. I enjoyed the first in the series.

Dinner was going to be a Beyond Meat Cheeseburger & asparagus, but my weather app says we will have heavy rain starting in 8 minutes, and this time I think it is correct. I can hear the thunder getting closer, and it is getting dark a bit too early.

The rain started on schedule, so dinner was an Innovasian Orange Chicken bowl.

Until Tomorrow -


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