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Day 173, Henry Horton State Park, Chapel Hill, TN, Day 2

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Monday, April 11, Henry Horton State Park, Chapel Hill, TN, Day 2 - 0 Miles, 6,660 Miles for the Trip

Happy Birthday to granddaughter Zoe!

A warm night with the outside temperature never dropping below 62°F. A light rain started around 7:00AM, and it has been raining off & on since. It has been cooling as the day goes on. At 11:30AM it was down to 57°F.

A good day for sitting in the trailer reading. I finished Westlake's Jimmy The Kid & started Westbrook's #4 in the Howard Moon Deer Mystery Series, Ancient Enemy. I probably should stick with one or the other author, but they are different enough that switching back & forth works. The Howard Moon Deer series has an interesting concept - Howard is a highly educated Lakota that assists a blind detective.

I took a break from reading and headed to the lodge to apply for the senior discount for my site. The discount was $41.93 for the 4 nights, so the per night cost is now $31.46.

I decided to do laundry since it was time to change the sheets on the bed. The Chapel Hill Laundry is about 3 miles from the campground. A good mix on machines - $4.50 for a 3X sized commercial front loader and $.25 per 6 minutes to dry.

I stopped at the Brooks Grocery in Chapel Hill on the way back to the campground and picked up some chicken thighs (boy has the price of chicken gone up because of the bird flu) and some salad stuff. The rain has stopped, at least for awhile. Even had some bursts of sun and blue sky during the afternoon. I looked up at the XM Radio antenna and it was bent at a strange angle. I know I didn't hit anything with it, so I dragged out my folding ladder and climbed up to see what was going on. It is mounted on a boating antenna mount that can swivel in 2 directions, and one of the bolts that let's it swivel side to side was missing the nut. Luckily, I found a matching nut in my bolts & screws bin, and was able to fix it.

Around 4:30 I "Skyped" with my granddaughter & her family to wish he a happy birthday & watch her open presents. I wouldn't have been able to do that at the last two campgrounds; the internet connections were too slow, but here it worked well.

Dinner was half a Private Selection Thin Crust Grilled Mushroom & Truffle Oil Pizza. Just as good as I remember it, although I'm hoping the truffle oil doesn't upset my stomach. I keep finding more and more things that I like to eat causing waking up in the middle of the night looking for an antacid.

Around quarter to five it started to rain again.

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