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Legion State Park, Louisville, MS - Day 15

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Monday, October 30, 2023 - Legion State Park, Louisville, MS - 179.1 Miles, 1,403.6 Miles for the trip

The warm weather is definitely over. I woke up at 3:00AM to an outside temperature of 50°F and an inside temperature of 58°F. Crawled out of bed & plugged in the Pelonis Disk Furnace (my electric heater) into the thermostat controlled outlet and climbed back into bed. By 5:00AM is was a comfortable 65°F. It kept getting colder as the morning went on - by 10:00 it was down to 45°F. Oh, and by the way, it was also raining. There is nothing quite as much fun as getting the trailer ready to leave in a cold rain (well, probably during a snowstorm, but I'm not going to try that)!

No interstates today - most of the drive was on 4 lane 65MPH state & US roads. US 45A reminds me of some of the roads out west. You can drive for 25 - 30 miles without twitching the steering wheel (although there are more hills). While the $3.15 per gallon gas prices looked good in Tennessee, I'm glad I waited until I hit Mississippi. The first $2.99 per gallon price of the trip.

I arrived at Legion State Park a little after 2:00. I'm in site 1, a pull through that is level side to side, but nose down by 5 1/2". I raised the nose to level, and managed to do it without unhooking. The site is full hookup, although the sewer connection is higher than my discharge connection, so pretty much unusable. With reservation fee, taxes, etc it works out to $44.94 per night for 2 nights. I checked my weather app and it says that it is only going down to 39°F tonight, so I hooked up the water. I might need to unhook it early - the prediction for tomorrow night is 30°F. Rolling up a frozen hose is no fun. It was bad enough this morning with a 45°F hose.

There are 15 sites in the park, most back in, and some water & electric only. I thought I have been here before, but after seeing the park, know this is the first time. There are only 2 other folks in the park, although a bunch of reservations for later in the week. Now we are 4 - a class C pulled in during dinner.

Site 1

After setting up I retreated into the trailer. The rain has stopped, but is is 48°F outside so sitting out doesn't appeal. Without sunshine, and everything still damp from the rain, it feels colder than it is.

I did check out the bathrooms - 2 shower stalls (one handicapped) with a common dressing area. A bench, but no hooks. Not sure I'll shower, but at least it is heated.

I found an NPR over the air station that appears to be news rather than music, MPB or Mississippi Public Broadcasting. Only problem is it is the first day of their Fall fund raiser.

I ran a speed test for both Verizon & AT&T. Both are quite variable, but the results: AT&T 7.8Mbps down & .1Mbps up. Verizon 10.9Mbps down & 1.9Mbps up. No park WiFi.

While I was sorely tempted to throw something in the microwave, I haven't grilled anything since Hungry Mother. So I set up the grill on the picnic table & cooked a turkey burger. I did use the microwave to warm up the left over Bush beans from the other day and made a small salad.

Until Tomorrow -


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