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Legion State Park, Louisville, MS - Day 16

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Tuesday, October 31, 2023 - Legion State Park, Louisville, MS, Day 2 - 0 Miles, 1,403.6 Miles for the trip

Happy Halloween! I don't suspect we will get many trick-or-treaters since there is only one other camper in the campground and he is a single older gentleman.

I sure hope this is not going to be a cold winter. While it didn't go below freezing last night, it did get down to 40°F and is predicted to hit 31°F tonight. Not much warming up - at 11:00 is is still only 45°F.

During my morning walk I met and chatted with my neighbor. He has thought about going to Tucson, Arizona for the winter, but was thinking he waited too long - he is almost 70. When I told him I was heading that way & I'm 79, he decided he'd think about it.

After breakfast I read some forums & facebook. The internet connection on Verizon is slow, but usable. A pair of riding mowers went through the park this morning blowing the leaves off as many sites as they could get to. They skipped those that had campers on them. About the only trees that still have leaves are the evergreens so maybe they will still be clean when the hoards arrive tomorrow. I haven't been posting my current books, so I'll start now. I just finished Thomas Perry's The Informant, and started Ellis Peter's Flight of a Witch. I also listen to an audio book while walking & driving - just finished Paladin"s Strength by T. Kingfisher, and started Son of Stone by Stuart Woods.

We are having a heat wave - it hit 51°F at 2:00. I walked down the road to the "cabins". In NY, a campground cabin is typically a 1 room building that, if you are lucky, has a bathroom. In the south I've noticed that they are usually much larger, bigger than some homes. Here is what they call a cabin here at Legion State Park:

A "Cabin"

I hope to take the Natchez Trace Parkway tomorrow. From what I remember from my last trip, sections were closed, including much of it between here & Natchez, but hopefully that was temporary, and I'll be able to take it. Less traffic and a pretty drive.

Verizon got worse as the day went on. I'm currently connected to the internet through my AT&T iPhone - too lazy to switch cell modems.

While, at 31°F for just an hour or so wouldn't freeze my water hose, I decided to disconnect late in the afternoon while it was relatively warm at 54°F to save rolling up a stiff hose. I can use the fresh water tank & pump to flush the toilet or any other water needs.

I did head for the showers around 4:00. I probably could have got away for the next day or two without one (well, since I'm the only one in the trailer definitely could), but my notes from stays at Natchez State Park were not clear on how well heated the bathroom & shower water were, so I used this one. A standard sized shower in a heated bathroom with a huge drying area shared with the other shower. A bench & 1 hook. Plenty of hot water with a standard mixing valve & standard low volume showerhead. Overall, at least a B.

Dinner was grilled Mahi-Mahi & green beans, with Jello for dessert.

Until Tomorrow -


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