2023 - 2024 Trip To The Southwest

Pecan Valley RV Park, Junction, TX - Day 24

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Wednesday, November 8, 2023 - Pecan Valley RV Park, Junction, TX, Day 2 - 0 Miles, 2,264.3 Miles for the trip

I was wondering if the gain of 1500' of altitude would result in cooler nights - not sure that is the reason, but it went down to 51°F last night & the electric heater came on more than once.

I checked the AT&T speed this morning - 45.8Mbps down & 19.2Mbps up. That shoots down my theory that the reason I can't directly load images to my Blogger account is because of slow upload speeds - I still had to add URL link to the photo at this site for today's and yesterday's post.

I did a double lap around the campground, then baked a tube of Pillsbury Deluxe Cinnamon buns. Not as good as those from scratch, but I had them in the refrigerator & they only had a couple of "use by" days left.

I sat outside for a bit, then around noon walked around the campground with the camera:

Seasonal Decorations Seasonal Decorations One of the Chicken Coops Some Goats
Overexposed Egret The North Liano River A Goat Some Large Pecan Trees

Back at the trailer I loaded the photos, then headed for the showers. 2 stalls, one with a portable bench & 3 hooks (one working hook in the other). Both have the showerhead aimed at the drying area with no shower curtain. A full volume showerhead, but if you run it full, it sprays on the drying area floor. No shelf or hooks in the shower area, but the wall between showers is 4" wide with a flat top so your stuff can sit there. Plenty of hot water & a ceiling heater that takes off the chill from the AC. All in all, the best is a C+.

I sat around reading outside in the 84°F afternoon with the trailer AC going set at 77°F. I received a notice from the Easy Touch app that an update on the thermostat was available. Not all that easy to do, but I made it through it.

While I was sitting out a flock of chickens stopped by. They are not shy, even coming up to my chair with me sitting in it!

The Flock Next to My Chair

More reading until dinner time, which was a Benihana Hibachi Chicken Rice Bowl.

Until Tomorrow -


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