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Fort Stockton RV Park, Fort Stockton, TX - Day 26

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Friday, November 10, 2023 - Fort Stockton RV Park, Fort Stockton, TX, Day 2 - 0 Miles, 2,446.3 Miles for the trip

It did reach the predicted 44°F this morning, but the electric heater kept the trailer at 66°F (the warmest I like to sleep). I went to breakfast at the Roadrunner Cafe (I'm getting use to letting someone else make my meals), then went for a walk around the campground. Managed to get a mile walk in doing most of the roads. It doesn't seem to be warming up very much - at 10:00 it is all the way up to 45°F.

Back at the trailer I spent an hour or so trying to pay a couple of doctor & Oswego Hospital bills. Since I'm traveling, I signed up for the USPS Informed Delivery program. Each morning they send you an email with photos of the envelope of the mail you will be receiving later that day. I saw that I got a bill formatted letter from Oswego Hospital, and another from Physician's Care, PC, the organization that handles the billing for most of the specialists in the Oswego area. Since I can't see through the envelope, I called the organizations. Of course they want the account number (which, for some crazy reason is different for each Oswego Hospital bill). Oswego Hospital billing says I don't owe anything. Wonder what is in the envelope. Next call to Physician's Care had better success after a couple of transfers.

Since I had so much fun with the billing, I decided to start the process of refilling some prescriptions that are due when I'm in Tucson. Found a Walgreens near the campground, called to make sure they would hold the prescriptions for the week it would take for me to get there, then started calling the 4 different doctor's offices. Since most of them don't have real people answering the phone, trying to leave a message for a different pharmacy than the one you have registered with them gets interesting. I have no idea if any of the requests to specialists will work, but I did get to talk with a real nurse at my primary care doctor.

Around 11:30 I packed up a basket of clothes and headed to the laundry. Five washers with 2 out-of-order & 6 dryers with 1 out-of-order. While the folding table is small, it has the nicest chairs I've ever seen in a laundry. Padded living room type chairs (2) that make waiting for your laundry very comfortable.

The Laundry Room Chair

A light rain on the way back to the trailer, and at 1:00, still only 45°F.

After lunch I sat in the trailer reading. Current book is Ellis Peter's Rainbow's End, #13 in the Felse Investigations series. I've read 7 of them, and am currently on a binge. They are great if you are comfortable with the British style of detective writing; Written between 1950 and 1970, they are a little slow and literary if you are not. You can read them in any order.

I noticed a cool draft from the kitchen window & when I turned the handle to close it, the closure strip glued to the glass came unglued. Lots of Gaffer's tape later, I'm hoping it will stay closed until it warms up enough for me to epoxy the closing strip back to the glass.

I do have a replacement water pump waiting for me in Tucson. The statement that a travel trailer is an earthquake going down the road sure holds true!

Dinner was back at the Roadrunner Cafe. Their breakfast was OK with excellent hash browns & a great biscuit (which they provide with almost every meal). Dinners - Well, edible, but nothing to write home about. I had the grilled chicken & it was tough. I skipped the chicken fried steak, remembering that the last two times I tried it is was also tough. In any case, easier than making it yourself.

Until Tomorrow -


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