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Oasis RV Park, Van Horn, TX - Day 27

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Saturday, November 11, 2023 - Oasis RV Park, Van Horn, TX - 126.3 Miles, 2,572.6 Miles for the trip

A late start to getting out of the park - I didn't leave until after a mile walk around the campground & breakfast in the trailer. I thought about going for the biscuits & gravy at the cafe, but passed. Overnight a Scamp 13 arrived:

A Scamp Next Door

A fairly short drive, all on I 10. I filled up at the Love station in Fort Stockton on the way at $2.94 a gallon. On the way I stopped at a station about 15 miles from Van Horn to call the Oasis RV Park as they asked me to do when I tried to make a reservation. The station would be a "Guido Special", since we joke about him managing to pass the cheaper gas station & needing to stop at a more expensive one. While diesel was the typical $4.09 per gallon, gas was $4.45 a gallon! Glad I didn't need any. It is back to a little over $3.00 here at Van Horn.

I'm in site 21, a level full hookup site on gravel for one night - the first 1 night stop since before the Hungry Mother Rally. Notice the Gaffer's tape on the kitchen window. The Oasis is not an ideal "campground"; it is within 150 yards of I 10 with definite traffic noise, & trains go by, but is is in a good position between stops, and there is a good Mexican restaurant across the street. They have cleaned up the place since my last stop. There were many old beat up vehicles parked around the park; all are gone. A few permanent residents, but most look like overnighters.

Site 21

It warmed up enough for me to try to epoxy the window strip (58°F). I only had the 5 minute setting version so I had to work fast, but on the other hand I didn't have to wait for a day to find out if it worked. It appears to be a success. I may still need to order a replacement window - one side of the roller system that rides in the track/window strip is outside the track and has a broken wheel. Since Hehr, the manufacturer of the window has been taken over by Lippert since mine were made, and most of the windows are a custom order by Escape, finding a replacement is difficult. I hope I can hold off until I get back to Oswego to start the process. While I carry far too many tools & spare parts, major projects such as replacing a window are much easier done at home.

Great internet speeds here, at least on AT&T, 47.8Mbps down & 12.2Mbps up. I didn't speed test Verizon, but it shows a strong signal on my iPhone, and has no problem with internet radio. By the way, I may have fixed the problem loading images to my Blogger page. I discovered that I had AdBlock turned on for Blogger. Shut it off & yesterday's images loaded.

I headed for the shower (there is one men's & one woman's bathroom, each a one person room), each with a shower. While somewhat "long in the tooth", it has all the essentials - an electric heater, 6 hooks, a chair rather than a bench, lots of room for drying, a shower stall with lip to keep the water in & a standard showerhead, even a bathmat. No shelf in the shower; a B+ unless you insist on taking off for age (I don't).

I spent the rest of the afternoon reading. It almost made it up to 60°F, but started back down after hitting 59.8°F on my outside thermometer; 58.2°F at 5:15.

I walked across Business I 10 to Chuy's Mexican Restaurant, but it was closed (maybe for Veteran's day, maybe for good) - not the best reviews or look, but I've eaten there in the past & it was OK. In any case it was back to the trailer and dinner by Jon, which was an Innovasian Orange Chicken Bowl, with Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream for dessert.

Until Tomorrow -


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