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Henry Horton State Park, Lewisburg, TN - Day 156

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Tuesday, March 19, 2024 - Henry Horton State Park, Lewisburg, TN, Day 2 - 0 Miles, 5,904.5 Miles for the trip

Well, my AT&T Netgear cell modem seems to have revived. The battery is still swollen to the point where the back cover is popping off so I'll need to replace it. Hopefully, the Townsend KOA will let me have one shipped to them; I got in touch with them & they OKed the shipment so it is on its way.

The AT&T data speeds, while not as fast as Verizon, are good at 41.8Mbps down & 15.87Mbps up. No idea why it wouldn't work yesterday. I moved the battery out & in a number of times, that may have done something. By the way, there is also free campground WiFi supplied by TengoNet - 4.77Mbps down & 3.7Mbps up. Slower than the AT&T but I'm using it now. Usually when I make a TengoNet connection it insists I use my TengoNet password. Since it never works & I have to generate a new one, I'm thankful that the version running here at the park doesn't ask for anything.

Not as cold as predicted last night - at 7:00AM it was 31°F. Now at noon it is 48°F. Still cold enough to run the electric heater all day with the thermostat set at 69°F. Around 38°F for my morning walk during which I took a bag of garbage to the dumpsters at the entrance to the campground, about a 1/3rd mile walk from the trailer.

I caught up on my on line reading, found a replacement battery for the modem at Amazon with a 1 day delivery, then read my current book sitting inside; a bit too cool for sitting outside.

Since I'm heading to Falls Creek Falls State Park & my journal from the last time I was there rated the showers at a C-, even though it is a cool day I decided to shower here. The bathrooms are heated, although a better description would be warmed. 3 showers, one of which is handicapped. The standard shower has a drying area with 2 hooks, one so small that only very thin stuff can hang on it, and a bench. There is a shower curtain between the shower & the drying area, but it is a foot off the floor, so water goes under it and soaks 90% of the drying area floor. There is a soap dish in the shower. The shower head is about 7 1/2' above the floor. It is a low volume adjustable spread that is no longer adjustable & provides a far too wide spray that, by the time it reaches you a quarter of the water misses you. Plenty of adjustable hot water & clean. Overall, at best a C, maybe a C+.

Back at the trailer at 3:30, it made it up to 54°F outside. There are even a few folks sitting outside, however I'll stick to my 69°F trailer.

Dinner was a Barber Foods Broccoli & Cheese Chicken Breast.

Until Tomorrow -


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