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Falls Creek Falls State Park, TN - Day 157

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Wednesday, March 20, 2024 - Falls Creek Falls State Park, TN - 128.5 Miles, 6,033Miles for the trip

Near the Henry Horton park store there are two birds of prey cages - a Red Tailed Hawk & A Barred Owl. Sorry for the chicken wire, but it is what it is:

Red Tailed Hawk Barred Owl

I followed the GPS although I passed a small sign for Falls Creek Falls State Park about 40 miles before I got here. I don't know if it would have been a better route, but the one I took was 4 lane most of the way from McMinnville to the park on US 70S & TN 111 with one exception - a 9 mile very curvy, hilly, switchbacked narrow 2 lane section just before the park. Not sure if taking the other route would have missed the bad section. No problem with my little trailer, but someone with a 40' trailer would not have been happy & I met a 18 wheeler that had a tough time with the switchbacks.

I'm in site 73, a bit difficult to find, but a back in on asphalt that is level front to back but needed 3" correction side to side. Water & electric for an average of $27.64 per night with a 25% senior discount, taxes & reservation fee - I'm here for 3 nights. No water at the site. I met a park employee that said it would be back on in about 4 hours.

Site 73

I did a speed test for AT&T, Verizon & the park WiFi. While I have a strong park WiFi signal (you can see an antenna next to the trailer) there is no internet connection. I remember this problem from a couple of years ago - a park employee told me that they got the money to put WiFi in all the parks, but didn't get the money to connect the system to the internet. Not sure why they keep it running unless it is being used by the park employees. AT&T shows 43.8Mbps down & 2.6Mbps up; Verizon shows 22.7Mbps down & 13Mbps up.

Dinner was a Chef Ramsey Lemon Chicken Bowl.

Until Tomorrow -


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