Nantucket - Saturday, August 10, 2019
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After my morning walk, I sat around cooling off, then had some magic coffee. I say magic, because when I made coffee, I fill the carafe to 10 cups, put 10 cups worth of coffee in the basket, fire it up & wait. Seems to take longer than my home coffee put, but the reason is it is somehow teleporting 3-4 cups of water somewhere, or miraculously storing the extra water. Only 6 cups of coffee end up in the carafe. While I suspect it is actually going up in steam, that isn't as much fun as the previous ideas! In any case, the first pot of coffee I made was very strong.

David started the brisket I brought from Oswego, and purchased at Walmart (who knew they had them) around 6:00AM. It has been in the smoker all day at 250°F. He has a large smoker that he uses for pig roasts, but he is using the smaller one for the brisket. His outdoor cooking area has a large fireplace for making coals for the smoker, a pizza oven, and a couple of smokers.

Around 1:30 we headed to Stop & Shop for supplies for dinner. First time I used Apple Pay. Sure is easier than digging my card out of the wallet buried in one of the cargo pockets in my shorts. It is now around 2:30 & we are doing absolutely nothing, although the brisket is happily smoking away.
The Outdoor Cooking Center The Small Smoker The Brisket View of the Back of the House

Dinner was the brisket with a bunch of salads & deviled eggs.

Until tomorrow -