2021 - 2022 Trip To The Southwest

Day 12, Melton Hill Dam TVA Campground, Lenoir City, TN, Day 2

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Monday, November 1, 2021 - Melton Hill Dam TVA Campground, Lenoir City, TN, Day 2 - 0 Miles, 924.0 Miles for the Trip

The plan was to take my camera along on the morning walk to take a photo of the lake with the start of fall colors on the hill on the other side. Only problem was the fog was so dense that I couldn't see the lake, let alone the other side. If I remember correctly, I had the same problem in 2019. After the walk & breakfast I spent an hour or so updating my finances on line. The fog had cleared, so I headed out for the picture I couldn't take on the morning walk. Looking at the 2019 photo of the lake, the fall color is lagging behind this year. The wind came up enough that I couldn't get a nice mirror effect on the water, but the nice blue sky makes up for it.

They have been doing an experiment with both heating water & making electricity using different solar panels, so I included a couple of photos of the different systems.

Solar Panel Information Solar Water Heaters Solar Electric Testbed The Lake
The Dam   The Dam Afternoon At The Lake

Back at the trailer I did some forum reading, and my latest book - The Heathers by Ace Atkins.

While is is a nice, clear day and it is warming up from the 44°F early this morning, it is still cool enough that I think I'll put off heading for the unheated (or barely heated, it is hard to tell) showers. The local weather says it will hit 64°F, however it is only in the 50's right now.

I called the Lake Somerville State Park Campground in Texas. I received a pre registration email that showed me in a tent site. I know the site I chose (36) was large enough at 55' for the truck & trailer and has an electric hookup, but I thought I should check. They said the trailer would be fine, but didn't give a explanation as to why it is labeled in the pre registration form as a tent site. Even the on line photos & description show it is OK for an RV. Oh well, that is a week away!

It did hit 64°F around 3:00, so I sat outside in the sun and read for an hour or so. After that I went for another walk, taking the camera. Another photo of the dam, and a late afternoon one of the lake.

I also removed the 3" aluminum bars from the rear sides of the solar panels. I leave them in when not using it to give some slope for water runoff, but until I get set up in Quartzsite (or, maybe Big Bend), I want the panels flat so they work equally well no matter which way I'm parked.

Dinner was a Turkey Bubba Burger & Brussels Sprouts.

Until Tomorrow -


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