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I'm on a short trip to a couple of fiberglass trailer rallies this fall, and between the Niagara Wine Escape Rally & the First Annual Escape Rally, I spent a week and a half checking out some of the campgrounds in PA. I've visited Ricketts Glen State Park a number of times - it is my all time favorite state park. This stop I'm a little further east. I am spending 4 nights at Dingmans Campground in PA. While the campground is in PA, some of the waterfalls I visited are in New Jersey across the Delaware River.

The bridge across the river is a very narrow 2 lane bridge with a weight limit of 4 tons. It is a toll bridge - $1.00 each way, collected by someone standing between the lanes on the PA side of the bridge. The even have a sign the there is a charge for bikes.

The campground hands out driving directions to the area waterfalls, so I decided to try for a couple after setting up the trailer. Like most directions, they only help - for example, the directions say Brinks Road, but the sign says Main Street. An even smaller 3 ton, one lane bridge crosses a stream on the way. If they get any smaller, even the RAV4 won't be allowed! For a moment, I thought I discovered a new product (bridge building) of my home town of Croton, NY on the casting on the bridge, however a closer look read Groton, NY...

For anyone interested in visiting the area, late September is about the worst time possible. Too early for good color (although there was some) and far too little water going over the falls. I did see a large black bear cross the road in front of me but didn't get the chance to take a photo. The first visit was to Buttermilk Falls (I believe it is required that every state has at least one Buttermilk Falls (NY has at least two)). It probably looks great when there is more water. The next stop was Tillmans Ravine. Not really a waterfall, but again a stream that would look better with more water. Still, a very pretty wooded area, and the prettiest outhouse I've seen.

Anyhow, here are some photos:

Site 9, Dingmans Campground
Buttermilk Falls, NJ
Buttermilk Falls, NJ
Buttermilk Falls, NJ
The Stream Bed Below Buttermilk Falls, NJ
Tillmans Ravine
Tillmans Ravine
Tillmans Ravine
Prettiest Outhouse!
A Stream With Water!
Some Color Starting
Three Ton Bridge
Groton, NY
The Toll Taker

Monday, September 22 -

I visited some more Delaware Water Gap water features today. First stop was the George W Childs Park. While low water levels did make for some limitations, there was enough to get some waterfall photos as well as some riffles in the creek. There is the foundation from an old mill along the trail that is interesting. A well put together park with easy trails on both sides of the stream.

After that I headed to nearby Hacker Falls. A bit longer walk, but a pretty falls. The last stop of the day was at Raymondskill Falls, the highest waterfall in Pennsylvania. Another pretty waterfall, and a very short walk from the parking lot.

George W. Childs
George W. Childs
George W. Childs
George W. Childs
Hackers Falls
Hackers Falls
Hackers Falls
Raymondskill Falls
Raymondskill Falls
Raymondskill Falls

Tuesday, September 23 -

After a cool night in the 40's, I woke up to clear skies, which makes for poor waterfall photos, but the weather is predicted to be the same for tomorrow, so I headed out. Today was my "Commercial" waterfall visit - Bushkill Waterfalls. There is an admission charge for the waterfall trails - $12.50, although as a senior, I got a dollar off.

While the map lists 8 waterfalls, I either missed some or 2 didn't have enough water to qualify. I took the Red trail, a 2 mile hike that passes all of them. In any case, it is a well developed hiking trail. Any place that would involve scrambling has walkways & stairs, although one section is a long uphill hike through a rocky dried up river bed (that is probably well filled in the Spring). All in all, a comfortable couple of hours of hiking & photographing. I won't try to name each waterfall since I must have missed some, but the photos are in order along the Red trail hiking in a clockwise (for you digital folks who have never seen an analog clock face, around the bases backwards) direction. The first 2 images are of the main falls, which can be viewed without taking any stairs (although not from the bottom!)

Wednesday, September 24 -

I tried for two waterfalls today, but wasn't able to find Shohola Falls. Found the town & Camp Shohola (which is for sale), and a lake with spillway that I don't thing was the waterfall. In any case I headed south & visited Resica Falls. You can't get to the base of the falls (it is private property) but there is an overlook at the Resica Falls Boy Scout Reservation parking lot that gives pretty good views.

Resica Falls
The Lower Section

While I didn't get to all the area falls, I did find many of them. Again, it would be better in the late spring or early summer when there is more water, but well worth the visit.

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